State Homefront

Robert Ainsworth was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Pittsburgh was an "Arsenal of Democracy," in which it provided steel, aluminum, munitions, and machinery. During the war, Pittsburgh contributed 95 million tons of steel towards the war, which during the year 1945 was more than the entire Axis Powers combined. Factories such as Hays Army Ammunition Plant created 16" projectiles for the Navy, and other factories. American Bantam Car Company in Bantam, PA, created the bantam jeep, which is an important part of the military movement during WW2. There were recruitment centers around Pittsburgh, and even more across the state. There was also the Pittsburgh Army Air Base which is still used today. Throughout the state, there were barracks such as the Carlisle barrack, which was used as a schooling post for officers.


This image is the earliest model of the Bantam Jeep, which was used during the war. Robert Ainsworth was born in Pittsburgh, the city in which the Bantam Jeeps were manufactured.

Tanks like the M4 Sherman were created using steel from Pittsburgh.  Around 50,000 M4 Shermans were created from the steel that was produced by US Steel.

This image is a map of Pennsylvania, which is the home state of Robert Ainsworth. Pennsylvania during the war was a big contributor of steel and coal.

This image is of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania during World War 2. Robert Ainsworth was born in Pittsburgh, and Pittsburgh was the largest producer of steel during the war.  

Army recruitment centers like the one in the image were all around the country. There were multiple in Pittsburgh, and Robert Ainsworth enlisted at one of them.

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