Robert Ainsworth died on June 6, 1944 and was a Private First Class when he passed. After the battle at Omaha Beach, Ainsworth was awarded the Purple Heart, an honor which shows his sacrifice given during the war. The Purple Heart is given out to soldiers who were injured or killed fighting against the enemy, and for their "meritorious performance of duty." Robert Ainsworth, a sand-blaster from Pittsburgh, gave up his life to defend America against the oppression of Germany upon the European people. His selfless duty to America will not be forgotten, and the many others who gave up their lives during WW2 helped to guarantee the freedoms given to civilians today.

Robert Ainsworth was buried at the Normandy American Cemetery, at Plot I, Row 9, Grave 20.

This image is the Coat of Arms of the 116th Infantry Regiment, the regiment Robert Ainsworth was a part of.

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