Military Life

Robert Ainsworth was enlisted on March 3, 1943, and was a Private First Class at the time of death. The responsibilities of being a Private First Class were to fulfil the orders given by their superiorities to their best ability. The 116th infantry was formed on November 3, 1741, and their first mission of the war was D-Day, the battle that Ainsworth lost his life at. After D-Day, the 116th fought in St. Lo and Brest, France and Julich, Germany. The general equipment of a soldier during World War Two would consist of gas masks, maps, compasses, radios, ammunition, food, water, and first-aid equipment. Soldiers would also carry a weapon such as the M1903A3 and carried a pistol like the Colt .45. Ainsworth passed away on June 6, 1944 caused by a concussion to the head. He was interned at the Normandy American Cemetery on Plot I, Row 9, Grave 20.

This is an image of the SS Empire Javelin, a ship in which the 116th infantry were on board before the landings on D-Day.

This is the Private First Class patch which would be used by soldiers during WWII and the Korean War.

This image is the M1903A3, the standard issue rifle used during WW2, manufactured by Remington.

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