Over the past month of research, I learned that during WW2 soldiers were not only just soldiers, but everyday people who sacrificed their life to protect our freedom. The soldiers were sandblasters, factory workers, teachers, students, and more, all fighting to keep America and the rest of the world safe. All of the men and women who sacrificed their life for America should not be forgotten, as they helped to alter the rest of history from being clouding with Fascist rule. If I was able to talk Robert Ainsworth, I would ask him why he decided to enlist, and if he was drafted, how did he bring himself forward to defend our country. I would tell him about his sacrifice, and how important it was for the free world. The most important source that I had was the documents from the Individual Deceased Personnel File, as it told me about his name, family, and about a letter with one of his friends. This helped me understand who he was, and what happened after his passing. This project helps to redefine "gratitude" for me because I never thought about soldiers during war as normal people, and it makes me understand their sacrifice more than before. They gave up everything to defend the free world, and I am grateful for that.